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2023 Fun Fest Medallion Hunt

Presented by Kubota of Kingsport

  • 8 Medallions will be hidden and will be hidden 1 per day – July 15-22
  • ** Watch out for bonus medallions – wink wink **
  • Medallions will be hidden in public space. They will not be hidden inside of a building, a gated area or an area that requires a paid admission to enter. They can be located around businesses but will not be inside of a business – Always be courteous when hunting – do not walk through a business landscaping or move or modify any public space.
  • Medallions are hidden in the Greater Kingsport Area and within the Tennessee borders – Can extend to Gray, Airport Area, Hawkins County, Sullivan Gardens area – Medallions will not be hidden at Bays Mtn Park, The Exchange Place, Netherland Inn, The Veteran’s Memorial or in any cemetery.
  • You will not have to dig, move or destroy landscaping or property in any way to find them. Please DO NOT harm any areas that you are searching around. At least a portion of the medallion will be visible in its hiding place, and it will not be hidden inside of a container, box, bag or trashcan. Do not park in a roadway or block traffic to search for a medallion.


  • Clues will be given at the following times and will be released by WQUT 101.5, on the Kingsport Fun Fest Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account (KptFunFest).

1st Clue – 8:00 a.m.

2nd Clue – 11:00 a.m.

3rd Clue – 1:00 p.m.

At 3:00 p.m. if no medallion has been located a bonus clue will be given and a spotter will go to the location to point any hunters in that area to the area it is hidden. If the medallion is not located by 4:00 p.m. it will be called a dead medallion.


  • If you find the medallion, you will find a phone number attached to call or text immediately. We will then let you know how to collect your prize.
  • Daily winners receive $100 cash prize
  • Each daily winner is then entered to win the GRAND PRIZE of $1000.
  • Each winner will be given a ticket to come to the Eastman Concert on Saturday, July 22nd and will join Kubota of Kingsport at 6 p.m. on stage for the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING! Only one representative per found medallion will go on stage.


**Kubota of Kingsport is not responsible for the selection of hiding spots or the clues**

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