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Fun Fest Medallion Hunt

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2024 Fun Fest Medallion Hunt – Presented by Kubota of Kingsport

  • 1 Medallion will be hidden each day between July 20-27
  • ** Watch out for bonus medallions – wink wink **


  • Clues will be given at the following times and will be released by WQUT 101.5, on the Kingsport Fun Fest Facebook page and Instagram account (KptFunFest).

1st Clue – 8:00 a.m.

2nd Clue – 11:00 a.m.

3rd Clue – 1:00 p.m.

Bonus Clue – 3:00 p.m. (If no medallion has been located by this time, a spotter will go to the location to point any hunters in that area to the area it is hidden.)

If the medallion is not located by 4:00 p.m. it will be called a dead medallion.


  • If you find the medallion, you will find a phone number attached to call or text immediately. We will then let you know how to collect your prize.
  • Daily winners receive a $100 cash prize
  • Each daily winner is then entered to win the GRAND PRIZE of $1,000.
  • Each winner will be given a ticket to come to the Eastman Concert on Saturday, July 27th and one representative will join Kubota of Kingsport on stage for the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING!

**Kubota of Kingsport is not responsible for the selection of hiding spots or the clues**

Medallion Hunt Rules:

  • Medallions will be hidden in public space. They will not be hidden inside of a building, a gated area or an area that requires a paid admission to enter. They can be located around businesses but will not be inside of a business.
  • Always be courteous when hunting – do not walk through a business landscaping or move or modify any public space.
  • Medallions are hidden in the Greater Kingsport Area and within the Tennessee borders – hiding spots can extend to Gray, Airport Area, Hawkins County line, Sullivan Gardens area.
  • Medallions will not be hidden at Bays Mtn Park, The Exchange Place, Netherland Inn or any cemetery.
  • You will not have to dig, move or destroy landscaping or property in any way to find them. Please DO NOT harm any areas that you are searching around.
  • At least a portion of the medallion will be visible in its hiding place, and it will not be hidden inside of a container, box, bag or trashcan.
  • Do not park in a roadway or block traffic to search for a medallion.

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Kubota of Kingsport

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