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Fun Fest 2014

Event Responsibilities and Guidelines


General Guidelines

  1. Each event MUST provide proof of liability insurance unless Fun Fest has waived thatA copy of your certificate of insurance naming “Kingsport Chamber of Commerce d/b/a Fun Fest” as additional insured must accompany this event application. Event may not be able to proceed without proof of insurance.

  2. Events should be family oriented, fun, informative, interactive, and/or educational.

  3. The event organizer and/or sponsor must have the personnel, organizational skills, and financial support to operate the event.

  4. Approval of a proposed event will be at the final discretion of the Fun Fest

  5. Events should be free or offered at minimal cost to the generalEntry fees, registration fees, or ticket charges for performances are permitted. Any charge must be substantiated on the “Projected Budget” submitted with the application.

  6. Fund-raising activities, however worthy, are not to be conducted at Fun Fest events.

  7. Any registration fees or ticket money collected at the event or online must be turned in promptly to the Fun Fest store or at the offices in the Chamber of Commerce, 400 Clinchfield Street, Suite 100.

  8. After applicable Fun Fest fees have been met, events can be reimbursed for allowable expenses, with proper documentation, from itsAny balance exceeding expenses and any unclaimed revenue will become the property of Fun Fest.  It will be the responsibility of the event organizer to obtain additional funding if expenses exceed income.


    Fun Fest Fees

    A. Application Submission Fee: A $100.00 application fee ($50.00 for documented non-profits) is required for each event and is due with event application. This fee is in addition to your event fee.

    B. Event Fee: Event fees are calculated individually based on location, size, number of days, administrative needs, city services needs, etc. If you are not certain of your event's fee, contact our office.

    C. Ticket Fee: Fun Fest will provide printing of all event tickets and will retain a ticket fee of one- dollar ($1.00) per each ticket sold ($2.00 for stadium concerts).



     A. Upon request, Fun Fest can arrange for some equipment needs (stage, sound, lights, electrical, etc.) at an additional charge to the event. Cost of operators (including rehearsals), tents, and other expenses are the responsibility of the event.

    B. Fun Fest is unable to supply tables or chairs except in city or school buildings that already have them. Rental agencies should be contacted by the event organizer, at the event's expense.



    A. City Services: Manpower provided by city services (i.e., police, fire) may result in additional charges to an event when services required are above those currently being supplied. Event organizers will be notified in advance of the hourly charges.

    B. Marketing: All marketing collateral (media promotions, registration forms, t-shirts, etc.) must meet Fun Fest guidelines and have prior approval by KCVB Marketing.

    C. Promotion: Fun Fest provides general festival promotion; promotion of individual events is the responsibility of the event organizer. 

    D. Food/Merchandise/Miscellaneous Vendors: Vendors not contracted directly with Fun Fest are not allowed at events unless otherwise approved by Fun Fest.





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Events Calendar

July 2017
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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› Rotary Reading with Festus
01:00 PM
V.O. Dobbins Community Center, Kingsport, United States
No Image
› Fun Fest for the Elderly
02:30 PM
No Image
› Create Memories at Brushstrokes
03:00 PM
Brushstrokes n'More
No Image
› Pool Party at Kingsport Aquatic Center
04:00 PM
Kingsport Aquatic Center
No Image
› Photography Workshop - Location Change
06:00 PM
Renaissance Center - 2nd Floor, Kingsport, United States
No Image
› Harmony Fun Dinner and Show
06:00 PM
Food City Banquet Room, Kingsport, United States
No Image
› One-Pitch Softball Tournament
06:00 PM
Domtar Park/Brickyard Park, Kingsport, United States
No Image
› Community Square & Round Dance
06:30 PM
Civic Auditorium
No Image
› An Evening with Robert Gipe - Author's Talk & Book Signing
06:30 PM
Kingsport Center for Higher Education , Kingsport, United States
Already registered: 13
No Image
› Wolf Run 7 Mile Trail Race
06:30 PM
Bays Mountain Park
No Image
› 97.3 Love FM Family Comedy Night featuring John Crist
07:00 PM
Ross N. Robinson Middle School Auditorium, Kingsport, United States
No Image
› Free Admission to Bays Mountain Park
08:30 AM
Bays Mountain Park
No Image
› Putt Putt Tournament
09:00 AM
Putt-Putt Golf Course
No Image
› Kid's Central - NEW LOCATION
10:00 AM
V.O. Dobbins Community Center, Kingsport, United States
No Image
› Children's Fun Shops - NEW LOCATION
10:00 AM
V.O. Dobbins Community Center, Kingsport, United States
No Image
› Haydini: Rare Magic, Well Done
11:00 AM
V.O. Dobbins Community Center, Kingsport, United States
No Image
› Party Across America
12:00 AM
Various Locations
No Image
› Art Show
12:00 AM
Renaissance Center - 2nd Floor, Kingsport
Date :  2017-07-18

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